HNC Roadmap

HNCHotels.com has already a real-time inventory of over 120,000, de-duplicated properties (3-star and above) across the world at net rates.

New HNC payment gateway (Exclusive Merchant Processor Payment Getway for HNC )

Creation of an online booking platform, to give to our HNC holders the ability, to book online one of 120,000 hotels with Hellenic Coin, at very lucrative prices. This platform will accept Hellenic Coin Exclusively on booking checkout.

A special value for our HNC users.

The placement of the first HNC ATM.

You can find HNC being accepted in the US, Western Europe & the UK, Mediterranean resorts, South East Asia and UAE where we do a lot of direct contracting through our own contracting offices and work with local DMCs who exclusively contract for HNCHotels.com.

Website revision Q4 2018

Creation of a hyperstore -a hypermarket- selling goods and services only with HNC. In the near future we will announce the name of our hypermarket portal.

HNC will have nfc card wallets. You will be informed when and how to purchase your secure.

First HNC ATM will be located in Greece.

HNC will have about 5 ATMs around Greece.