Our Solution

HNC Solution

Hellenic Coin through the sector of tourism is solving two main problems that all cryptocurrencies are facing
Usability of a coin
All cryptocurrencies are facing the obstacle of usability in the real economy and want to be accepted as means of payment for goods and services.
For now, they are only traded on speculation and their volatility is very high. Almost all of them are following the same trend because they are alike.
A crypto coin is successful if it manages to be adopted by many merchants as a mean of payment and get used by more and more consumers.
Hellenic Coin is accepted by many Greek hotels and merchants in the tourism sector, thus entering the real world and having the same value to investors as fiat money.

Perpetual demand

By entering the tourism sector, Hellenic Coin solves the issue of demand that cryptocurrencies face, that is because all the other coins are being traded on speculative reasons as mentioned above, but HNC due to its usefulness to the real economy, HNC will have perpetual demand all the time, day by day, year by year and so on, a problem that no other coin has solved.