Hellenic Coin

Hellenic coin is an encrypted and private cryptocurrency. In order to perform a transaction, you need only a public and a private key. A completely decentralized digital currency. Transactions are irreversible, a further step to prevent fraudulence.


HNC has migrated in Scrypt Hybrid PoW/PoS algorithm, allowing Hellenic Coin network to benefit from all its advantages, whilst allowing us to correct or modify any parameters to better serve the needs of the platform. One can benefit by staking the coin, which require a HNC Masternode, that can be operated with a desktop wallet online, for at least 4 hours, plus 10.000 HNC! Hellenic Coin total supply is limited to 69.600.000 coins after the recent fork.

Time efficiency is another characteristic of Hellenic Coin, as you can make global payments within half an hour. Your private key ensures your absolute ownership of the respective wallet address. Your personal information is always hidden, and your Hellenic coin address is fully transparent, with no sensitive information attached though. Everyone can observe our charts in Coinmarketcap and obtain their first HNC through our own Cryptocurrency Exchange (Member of WACEO International Organization – Cryptoplanex.com)

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